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Check out my new fantasy story about a 10 year old Red Sox fan, Babe Ruth, and the 2004 Red Sox.

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Relive the ups and downs of the Red Sox and MLB from a long time fan's point of view.

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Relive the games and thoughts of a long time fan as the season goes on. How did the game go? Where were the Sox in the standings? What was the talk of Sox nation saying at the time?

Go to the 2001 season

2001 was a promising year at the start. But injuries, infighting, and a disasterous finish doomed the season.

Go to the 2002 season

2002 starts with new ownership and new management all the way around. A very promising start but the bullpen and lack of clutch hitting has them fall short again.

Go to the 2003 season

A new GM, bullpen by committee? A terrible ending to a great season.

Go to the 2004 season

After 86 years, a season to remember.

Go to the 2005 season

The season after we win it all.

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