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Saturday, May 4, 2002

Sox at Tampa Bay
Derek Lowe vs. Joe Kennedy

After coming back with 2 outs in the ninth the previous night (with the aid of Tampa Bay
incompetence) tonight's game looked completely hopeless. With the Sox down 5-2 and 2
outs in the ninth, the Sox had runners on 1st and 2nd. Nomar rips a double to drive in 1
run. Manny comes in and they walk him to get to slumping Tony Clark - a move that can't
be argued. Then Little inexplicably replaces switch hitting Clark for right hander
Hillenbrand against a right hander. Well who'd have thought. Hillenbrand blasts one
high and deep that hits the cat walk in the dome, a ground rule home run - a grand slam
to put the Sox ahead. Urbina gets the Rays 1-2-3 in the ninth and the Sox have another
win against the lowly Rays.

Sox 7 Devil Rays 5

Saturday, May 18, 2002

The Sox have been playing well, taking 2 of 3 from the A's at Fenway. Tonight they lose
to the Mariners 6-3.

However, the Yankees are losing to the Twins in the 9th. But the evil empire strikes
back. Bernie Williams ties it in the 9th with a homer. The game goes to the 14th inning
and the Twins get 3 runs, presumeably a safe margin. Then the Yankees load the bases in
the bottom of the 14th and Giambi ugh! hits a walk-off grand slam!

Can the Sox stay with the Yankees? That is the question as the lead for the Sox shrinks
to just 2 games. The absurdity begins as one ESPN writer says "The Yankees will just go
through the buffet line and get the players they need".

Mariners 6 Sox 3
Yankees 13 Twins 12

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

White Sox at Red Sox
John Garland vs. Frank Castillo

I went to my 2nd game of the year tonight. After the no-hitter, could I be the Sox good
luck charm? Believe it or not, I was watching a 1 hitter through 8 innings tonight.
Only it was unknown John Garland of the White Sox. The only nick was a double by Damon
in the 4th, followed 1 batter later by a shot from Daubach that hung up for the left
fielder. The White Sox scratched 2 runs across for the 2-0 lead into the ninth, though
Castillo pitched 8 strong innings.

Grady's pinch hitting almost worked magic. Baerga hits for Merloni and singles.
Offerman hits for Sanchez and singles. And who's up? Nomar hits for Ricky Henderson.
The crowd can sense late inning heroics. The White Sox bring in their closer and on the
first pitch, Nomar hits one deep to left -- but not deep enough and it's caught. Damon
and Hillenbrand go out and the Sox fall short.

White Sox 2 Red Sox 0

Now the Sox have to face the Yankees who are breathing down their necks. Let's hope
their solid pitching, defense, and timely hitting can return.

Friday, May 24, 2002

Yankees at Fenway
Roger Clemens vs. John Burkett

The Sox took the first game of this huge series 3-1 last night. The hated Clemens takes
the mound and the Sox tee off on him, knocking him out of the game in the 4th inning and
taking an 8-2 lead into the 7th. But the Yankees don't go down easily, and a horrific 5
run 7th inning puts the Yankees back within a run. Needless to say I'm nervous. You
thought this game was in the bag, but now it's a nail-biter. Wakefield comes in in the
8th and walks a couple, passed ball, then a fantastic in at bat by Posada, he hits a sac
fly to tie the game.

The Sox load the bases in the 8th with 1 out but can't push a run across. It's into the
10th and the Sox have to go to Arrojo, who has been pitiful lately. He gets them in the
10th and 11th, and the Sox again load the bases with 1 out in the 11th. This time it's
Baerga, who hits a sharp liner to center deep enough and Ricky slides in with the winning

I am drained. This was a great one to win.

Sox 9 Yankees 8

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Yankees at Fenway, game 3
Derek Lowe vs. David Wells

Lowe has been terrific this season. He comes into this game 7-1. Today he is not quite
on his game, and the Yanks slap him around for 3 runs in the 2nd. Lowe settles down and
gets through the 6th inning with just 3 runs given up. Meanwhile, the Sox chip away to
make it 3-2 and get Wells out of the game. Unfortunately, Ramiro Mendoza continues his
mastery of the Sox and shuts them down completely until the 8th.

The big play of the game happens after the Sox get runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs.
Offerman is up and clearly a bunt is in order. Offerman tries to bunt, gets two strikes,
then bounces into a double play. Then the Yanks bring in Rivera and it is lights out.

Yankees 3 Sox 2

In the Sunday paper the next day, Dan Shaughnessy makes news of his own by calling
Offerman a "piece of junk" and suggesting we call a cab to "get him gone" for not getting
the bunt down, and not answering questions after the game. A little overreaction? I
usually like Shaughnessy, but I think he went over the top this time. Offerman's not my
favorite either, but a "piece of junk"?

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Red Sox at Toronto
Pedro Martinez vs. Pete Walker

Back to the have nots in the American League after playing the Yankees, White Sox, and
Mariners, the Sox win the first last night 8-6 and have a seemingly easy one here with
Pedro. However, as with opening day, Pedro isn't himself and the Sox are down 4-0 early.
Pedro settles down and gets through six innings down 4-2, and the Sox tie it up on a
double by Hillenbrand. Then the 9th, and we remember why the Blue Jays are so pitiful.
Their closer, Escobar, walks 2 runs in and the Sox bring in Urbina for lights out.

Sox 6 Blue Jays 4

Friday, May 31, 2002

Sox at Yankees
Derek Lowe vs. David Wells

After two long rain delays, the Sox and the Yankees played a tight scoreless dual until
the 6th when Nomar hit a booming triple and Wells wild pitched him home. This was after
both teams blew a number of opportunities to score. Lowe pitched well for 6 innings and
got some great help in the field with Merloni starting a couple of nifty double plays.
In the 8th, Varitek hit a two run double and Tony Clark broke out of his oh-for but
blasting a homer to left to make it 5-0. Fossum gave up a two run homer in the 9th and
Grady got itchy and put in Urbina, who has been automatic lately.

Sox 5 Yankees 2

The Sox road record is an unconscious 21-4 now, the best road start in major league
history. But it's just a two game lead right now. They'll need at least one of the
remaining two, if not a sweep to dent the Yankees charge.

Boston   36 16 __
New York 36 19 2