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Monday, June 3, 2002

Red Sox at Tigers
Pedro Martinez vs. Steve Sparks

After taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees in the Bronx things were really looking good going
against the hapless Tigers with Pedro going. But again Pedro is not himself in the first
inning and he gives up 4 runs right away. The Sox tie it right away and take a 6-4 lead
into the 7th. But Wakefield, lately very dependable, gives up two runs to tie, then a
run to win in the 10th and the Sox go down. Meanwhile, I'm seeing on the internet the
Yankees tie up the hapless Orioles.

Tigers 7 Sox 6

Middle relief has been pitiful lately. Garces cannot get people out. Kim has been sent
down. Darren Oliver is now in the bullpen and Arrojo is starting. Wakefield gave it up
tonight, but he's been very good lately. They won't last with just Urbina getting people
out after the starters.

Saturday, June 8, 2002

Diamonbacks at Fenway
Curt Schilling vs. Pedro Martinez

It was a pitching matchup of the year. The best in the National League vs. Pedro, who
recently was the best on the planet. Pedro was human once again, and the D'backs nicked
him for 3 runs through 6 innings. Schilling was dominant for 7 innings before the Sox
got 2 runners on in the 8th and Baerga sacrificed them to 2nd and 3rd. They walked Nomar
more or less intentionally. Clark then hit a double play grounder to short, which Womack
bobbled. His throw to 2nd was late, but they called Nomar out on a terrible call. 1 run
scored but now there were two outs. Hillenbrand flied out harmlessly, and Kim (from
World Series gopher balls) got the Sox out easily in the 9th.

D'backs 3 Sox 2

The Yankees lost today also so the lead is 2 1/2. The Sox are playing 500 ball at Fenway
and 800 ball on the road. Go figure. They've got to play better against top competition.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Red Sox at Atlanta
John Burkett vs. Greg Maddux

The Sox fall behind early 3-0, then come back in the 7th to make it 3-2 with runners on
1st and 3rd and no one out. They finally get Maddux out of the game. But - useless
Offerman strikes out, and Damon hits into a double play to end it. On the double play,
the shortstop clearly missed 2nd base but no call by the umpire, depriving the Sox of the
tying run. The Braves get an insurance run in the 8th and snuff out another Sox rally in
the 9th with a double play.

Braves 4 Sox 2

The Sox cling to a 1/2 game lead as the Mets pound Clemens and beat the Yanks 8-0. The
big story was Shawn Estes attempt to hit Clemens goes behind him and the beanball game is
stopped for now.

Still Sox fans have to question whether the Sox can beat good teams. Right now they're
not hitting much and they really miss Manny. Their pitching is good but they need to
score more runs and get clutch hits to beat the good teams.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Cleveland at Fenway
Frank Castillo vs. Danys Baez

Castillo was suspended yesterday for 5 games for a temper tantrum on the west coast where
he stepped on an umpire's foot. They appeal the suspension and life goes on. I'm hoping
he takes the suspension so it throws off the rotation some, as he is scheduled to start
the next game I'm going to with Detroit on July 5, and we don't want to see our mediocre
5th starter.

Manny is back tonight after 6 weeks with the finger injury. Castillo has a rough first
inning. With two runners on and a 3-2 count to Thome, he throws a meatball that Thome
hits a mile for a 3 run homer. The Sox waste a bases loaded one out in the 2nd (they
score 2 shoulda had more). Down 4-2 in the 8th they load the bases with no outs. Nixon
goes out on a short fly, and then for some reason Little pinch hits terribly slumping
Daubach for slumping Clark. Daubach swats a hard grounder to 1st and they turn the
double play to kill the rally. They do get 1st and 3rd with two out in the ninth, but
Manny still rusty strikes out to end it.

Indians 4 Sox 2

The Sox are going through their worst losing swoon so far. They've given up the lead in
the east losing 7 of the last 10. They are not hitting, with the 1st base position now
with Clark, Daubach, and Offerman as slump, more slump, and awful slump. The pitching
and defense aren't bad. But the hitting has been atrocious lately. They need those
patsy teams coming up - a bunch coming up with Toronto, Detroit, and the infamous Tampa
Bay. Meanwhile, the A's are on fire, so the wild card is no longer automatic if they
can't stay with the Yankees.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Indians at Fenway
Pedro Martinez vs. Ryan Drese

The Sox needed Pedro in the worst way to come up big. Tonight he fell to homer-itis and
on 3 homers the Sox found themselves behind 4-0. But the Sox came up with a much needed
big inning in the 5th, highlighted by a bases clearing triple by Damon, to take the lead
6-4. Pedro found his game and the Sox prevailed.

Sox 7 Indians 4

Some rumors going around about the Sox picking up Jim Thome who is at the end of his
contract. Wouldn't Thome look nice in the middle of that lineup. Take that, Yankees.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

Braves at Fenway
Frank Castillo vs. Jason Marquis

In their last effort to beat the "natural" rivals the Braves, the Sox throw Castillo out
there. He pitches well but is still behind in the 7th 3-0 given the anemic Boston bats.
They finally break through to tie the game with solo homers by Daubach, Nixon, and
Garciaparra and it's looking like a bright spot to end a disasterous June. In the 10th,
old friend Darren Bragg battles Urbina in a long at bat for a single, then with two outs,
Kieth Lockhart battles Urbina 8 pitches and finally doubles to right scoring the go-ahead
run. The Sox, demoralized, give up 3 more runs to make it 7-3 so the Braves don't even
have to use Smoltz in the bottom of the 10th.

Braves 7 Sox 3

Simply put, the Sox got their brains beaten out by the best of the National League. The
pitching was good enough to win most games, but the hitting was non-existent. Now the
patsies come in with 8 games against the Blue Jays and Tigers before the All Star break.
The Sox need to make some progress to stay in it.