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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

We're 11 days away from opening day. I am full of optimism. There's new ownership, a
new general manager and manager, and some new players.

Will Pedro be injury free? Can Nomar play every day like he used to? Can Johnny Damon
and Ricky Henderson cause trouble at the top of the lineup and actually make the Sox a
running team? How will the rest of the pitching hold up? Can Lowe be a starting pitcher
since he proved to not be such a great closer?

They're tied with the Yankees at this point. The Yankees will be good with the addition
of Giambi. But they've lost some of there heart and soul with Martinez, Brosius, and
O'Neil going away. And those players have to lose something being in the playoffs and
World Series every year.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Only 4 more days until opening day. The Sox have settled on the opening day
roster. The hard decision of whether to keep Jose Offerman or Lou Merloni was put off
for a while as someone was put on the disabled list. Offerman's days are numbered. Rey
Sanchez is the starting 2nd baseman. What a concept - a slick fielding but light hitting
infielder at second base. Perhaps they'll turn double plays when they need them.

Every day it's "Will Pedro hold up". The answer to that will determine if the Sox have a
chance at all. Remember that game when Jimy Williams yanked him last year and everyone
was ready to strangle the manager? Looks pretty smart to save the fragile Pedro now.

Meanwhile, the dark side of baseball is looming. Every 7-8 years the bullheaded
millionaire players bash heads with the billionaire owners without an inch of progress.
And then there's a strike or a lockout. What is so hard about slicing the baseball pie
so small market teams have a chance and no one goes broke. No one except New Yorkers
want to see the Yankees win every year and Kansas City never have a chance. But the
deadlock resumes. Bring the games on so we can forget about the blissfully forget about
the labor problems!