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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Red Sox at Colorado
Curt Schilling vs. Jason Jennings

In the Sox' first visit to Coors field, they are driving me crazy. Colorado is a
horrible team, coming in something like 20 games under .500. Last night they lost.
Tonight they are losing again, and the Yankees are winning as usual. The Yankees are
going to be out of sight before the All-star break.

Nomar and Trot are finally back. Trot hits a deep fly ball in his first at bat, then
homers in his 2nd. Great to have him back. Nomar hits the ball extremely hard but
right at the left fielder in a big spot. Things will even out.

Tonight Schilling is not extremely sharp. Speculation is his ankle is bothering him.
In the 6th inning, they key blow against us has been a two out double by Vinny Castilla
on an 0-2 pitch after two walks with two outs.

Later in the 6th, Schilling gets knocked around some more after a backbreaking error by
Nomar, and it's 7-3. What are they doing losing to the Rockies again? Yes, it's Coors
field with all the light air and everything, but the Rockies are horrible.

7-4 going into the top of the 9th, and the Red Sox do the tease. They string together
enough hits to make it 7-6, and McCarty flies out to end it with the tying run on 3rd
and the go ahead run on 2nd. This team is so frustrating!

Rockies 7 Sox 6

The Yankees are winning virtually every game, and the Sox are looking at a 5 1/2 game
deficit. Can you say wild card?