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Monday, July 4, 2005

July 4, 2005

Red Sox at Texas

The Sox are in first place. It's been a good first half.

But - we cannot win with the current bullpen situation.

Foulke give it up again tonight. It's like the same script with the same ending.
Foulke comes in with a 5-4 lead and just cannot hold it. He gets the first out, then
triple, double, walk, hit by pitch, walkoff single. It was too easy for the Rangers.
Foulke just doesn't have it. What happened to that guy that practically won the World
Series for us last year?

How long are we going to stay the course and allow this guy to lose ballgames for us?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sox at Tampa Bay
Matt Clement vs. Mark Hendrickson

What an emotional roller coaster. I said I would not allow the Red Sox to get under my
skin after they won the World Series. Tonight the emotions have run high in all
directions. Literally all directions.

The Sox took a 5-0 lead against Hendrickson, a guy they knocked out last week in the
first inning. This seemed so easy.

Bottom of the 3rd. I didn't see it, but it was one of those events that you forget it's
a game and you think life and death. Matt Clement is hit in the head with a line drive,
and immediately taken to the hospital. I think of Bryce Florie a few years ago. I
think of Herb Score before I was born - a line drive to the head ruined his career. You
kind of forget about the game at this point, but it does go on and the players have to
keep playing. And the other team doesn't stop playing either, just because a player is
seriously injured.

But back to the game, it's 5-1 and Huff, a Sox killer, a great player on a bad team,
cranks a grand slam to tie the game. I cannot believe it. I'm angry 'cause we've lost
the lead. I'm scared 'cause Clement is in the hospital. Those easy games you think are
won early that come back to haunt you. Both teams go through their bullpens, and the D-
Rays take the lead 8-6 after a fieldable infield single to Renteria. I'm so angry
thinking those two go ahead runs shouldn't have scored. I'm happy to hear Clement is ok
it appears.

Ok, top of the 9th, Varitek homers against Baez and it's 8-7. Just toying with us. But
then Millar and Olerud single and Baez has seemingly lost it. Then Bill Mueller gets a
huge clutch hit, a shot down the right field line that really should score both runs.
We tie the score, but Olerud, slow as a truck, is gunned down at the plate. We've tied
the score 8-8 but now we'll have to win it in extras. BTW the Sox lost in extras
yesterday after no extra inning games all year.

Bottom of the 9th, Schilling comes in. Shaky again is he. Two quick outs, but another
base hit for Julio Lugo who they cannot get out at all. Then Jorge Cantu hits a monster
drive to center. If it's off the wall, the games over. Johnny Damon tracks it right to
the wall, leaps, and snags it right off the top of the wall. Game saving catch.

As so often happens in baseball (and it is a cliche), great play in the field, first up
to bat. This time Damon has the magic working for him, too. First pitch, he hits a
moonshot for a home run. I'm elated! We have the lead, but we're not comfortable.
Renteria gets a hit, and the Rays botch a double play grounder which Manny didn't run
out. Then Varitek gets a double to drive in an insurance run.

The Rays don't go down easy, as they get another run and have the winning run on base,
but Olerud makes a nice pick on a grounder and makes the smart play to get the force at
2nd to end the game. And what a game.

Sox 10 Devil Rays 9

Sox are 1 game ahead of the Yankees, unusual for this time of year. Usually the Yankees
lead by from 5 to 10 games this late in July but this year the Yankees have had horrid
streaks but have come back and have been lurking for a while in 2nd place. Baltimore
was in 1st place for a while but now is fading in 3rd place. All 5 teams in the AL East
are good enough to beat you, so there's no easy ones. Tampa has been a pest all year,
Toronto has given the Sox fits, and Baltimore has as usual been a pain.